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 Gallery Lite Canvases: 32mm Deep Canvases Stretched with medium grain, double primed 10oz Italian Canvas. Dyed brown back, stapled on the reverse. Available in Sizes up to 150cm x 150cm.



Gallery Range Canvases: 25mm, 45mm or 70mm Deep Stretcher Bars. Stretched with high quality Fine Grain Artists 120z Cotton Duck Canvas. Available both Unprimed, or Primed with Universal primer suitable for Oils or Acrylics. An excellent surface for all painting mediums and styles, these are our most popular canvases - available in sizes up to 250cm x 200cm.

45mm_hardwood gallery_canvas_corner cross_bar_thumb


Professional Range Canvases: As an extension to our highly popular Gallery Canvases we are pleased to announce a New Range of Bespoke High Quality Stretched Canvases. Our Professional Range canvases are made with longevity and excellence of handling in mind.

pro_bars pro_corner

The stretcher bars used to make the canvases are made from large section Tulipwood; considered by many to be the most suitable timber for stretcher bar manufacture due to its high strength to weight ratio, its natural resistance to warping and its  low acidity and moisture levels (in comparison to traditional and laminate pine stretchers).

Available in 25mm or 40mm Deep profiles, Professional Range Canvases are available with a specially selected range of English woven 12oz Cotton Duck and Italian Superfine Cotton or Linen surfaces with a choice to suit any Professional Artists painting style.

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Compare the Harris Moore Range of Canvases - Features & Options
Features & Options Available   Gallery Lite Canvases 32mm   Gallery Canvases 25mm   Gallery Canvases 45mm    Pro 12oz Canvas 25 or 40mm   Pro Superfine Cotton 25 or 40mm   Pro Med or Fine Linen 25 or 40mm 
Any Size Made (Bespoke)   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Primed   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Unprimed       Yes   Yes   Yes       Yes
10oz Canvas   Yes                    
12oz Canvas       Yes   Yes   Yes        
Superfine Canvas                   Yes    
Medium Linen                       Yes
Fine Linen                       Yes
Fully Expandable Frames   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Hardwood Stretchers   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
25mm Deep Stretcher       Yes                
32mm Deep Stretcher   Yes                    
45mm Deep Stretcher           Yes            
25mm Deep Extra Wide Stretcher               Yes   Yes   Yes
40mm Deep Extra Wide Stretcher               Yes   Yes   Yes
Cross Bracing Every 90cm    Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Extra Wide Cross Braces               Yes   Yes   Yes
Corner Wedges Included   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Wedge Retainers Included               Yes   Yes   Yes